Bacchus House Wine Bar & Bistro brings holiday fun

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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1004 E. Bidwell Street, b200



Named after the mythological god of wine, harvest, partying and fun, Bacchus House Wine Bar & Bistro is unlike any restaurant in the area. If you are looking for a destination for the holidays, this place is perfect.

After being an event caterer for nearly 30 years, Eric Adams decided it was time to open a restaurant where his guests could experience fine dining and a fun experience.

With co-owner and five-star Chef Victor Octavio in the kitchen, the two opened Bacchus House only five years ago, and since has been a local favorite.

Decorated to the nines, Adams wanted to incorporate partying and fun into the restaurant décor.

“We’re a little avant-garde; a little over the top, and a little whimsical, all while encompassing fine dining, wrapped up in a fun bow no matter what season it is,” Adams said. “We are a holiday destination, and we decorate three times a year – Easter, Halloween and Christmas.”

At Bacchus House, you don’t just get a feast for the eyes, but a feast as well.

“We’re a new American restaurant. Our signature dish is the prime rib, which has been a top seller for 30 years,” Adams said. “We have a rack of lamb, which is also a signature dish. One of our favorite dishes that folks are gravitating to is our scallops dish, as well as our wonderful risotto. We have fantastic appetizers such as our crab cakes and calamari. Chef makes the lemon wedges edible as well.”
Each day there is a new special, and every season the menu changes.

“Everything is not only scratch-made, but as organic as possible. We try to stay away from GMOs, all our beef is grass-fed. Even our table salt is natural sea salt,” Adams said. “We’re really conscious about putting the best product forward health-wise for folks.”

At Bacchus House, at the bar guests can find local wines from Amador and Napa counties and seasonal cocktails, as well as this year’s holiday drink, the Bohemian Raspberry.

“Every year we come up with a holiday drink. We recently saw the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, the whole staff and I, and we all loved it. We were making a chocolate martini, and we wanted to put a twist on it so we added raspberry liqueur and few other fun aperitifs,” he said. “We named it Bohemian Raspberry after the movie, and it is just an amazing drink.”

Bohemian Raspberry rolled out during Thanksgiving week and will be available through New Year’s Eve.

When asked what his favorite thing about his restaurant was, Adams said being able to throw parties for friends and family every day.

“We’re a fine dining restaurant, but there’s no stuffiness when you come into Bacchus House. We’re a fun restaurant; we love to have a good time,” he said. “Come on down and have some fun with us while enjoying a great meal.”