Adrian Blanco; Folsom's crown jewel of service

Local business owner passionate about client satisfaction
By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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Adrian Blanco Jewelry

49 Natoma St Suite H, Folsom, CA 95630



From diamonds to estate jewels, Adrian Blanco Jewelry has what you need, but when it comes to service and personality, why would you go anywhere else?

Opened in February of 2017, Owner Adrian Blanco brings more to the table than just a sale. On top of many services that are hard to come by, he brings his genuine self that has impressed clients to become as loyal as they come.

When Blanco was a senior in high school, he was injured while wrestling and needed to find a job.

“I didn’t really like the idea of flipping burgers. All of my friends were working for a pizza place, but I wanted to do something different,” he said. “When I was in high school, I was the president of the Future Business Leaders of American group, and I liked the idea of wearing the suit. The school had a broadcast that a local jeweler was hiring, so I showed up in a suit – I was the only one to suit-up – and I got the job on the spot. Turned out they were only looking for a clean up boy. The rest is history.”

After high school, he worked his way up learning skills such as appraisals, bench work and designing.

Blanco attended the Gemological Institute of America when he realized he really enjoyed what he was doing.

“I thought going to the school was important because I didn’t go to college, so I needed something that would make me look more legit,” he laughed. “It’s been a great journey. I think what attracted me most to the industry was the relationships you build. I focus more on the people and connecting with folks, as opposed to the sale.”

When you walk into Blanco’s shop, you don’t get bombarded by salesman flashing the biggest diamonds at you, you get greeted warmly, and the staff makes the whole experience about what you need.

“I want people to come to my store and feel like they are coming to my house. I hope when people come in here, they come away from it with a personalized experience, and jewelry just happens to be a part of it,” he said “The relationships I build are what keep me going, and I think that is what has been part of my success in the last year since we opened.”

Along with the traditional engagement diamonds and wedding bands, Blanco also has an estate jewelry section, as well as Native American jewelry and Mexican arts and crafts.

“Adrian Blanco Jewelry is a fine jewelry store; we are custom jewelers,” Blanco said. “We specialize in repairs, restorations, but we also have the unique twist with the Native American jewelry and Mexican arts and crafts. It’s not your typical style of jewelry store because you typically don’t see that, but for me, it’s normal because I grew up with it.”

The Davis native said he opened his store in Folsom as his wife’s family is local, and Folsom reminds him of his hometown.

“We always knew we would come back here. We like the tight-knot community and it’s a great place to raise kids,” he said. “I always looked at Folsom as a bigger version of my hometown.”

Blanco said while his store doesn’t have as much merchandise as other jewelry stores, when it comes to service, he over compensates.

“Come pay us a visit whether you are buying something or just want to meet me and my staff. Come see what we have to offer,” Blanco said.