Council sworn in; mayor and vice mayor selected

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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The Folsom City Council held a special meeting to swear in newly-elected Sarah Aquino and Mike Kozlowski, and re-elected Kerri Howell on Monday, Dec. 10. Also during the special meeting, Council voted on the new mayor and vice mayor of Folsom.

As former council members Steve Miklos and Andy Morin stepped down for retirement, Aquino, Kozlowski and Howell took their seats behind the dais to begin a four-year term.

Howell was voted mayor, and Aquino was voted vice mayor.

As of 3:03 p.m. on Nov. 30, Sacramento County finalized all of the Nov. 6 election results.

Aquino received 14.78 percent of the votes; Kozlowski received 12.08 percent and Howell received 12.03 percent.

“It’s an honor and responsibility that I don’t take lightly, and I look forward helping shape the city for decades to come,” Aquino said.

Kozlowski said it was exciting to have been elected.

“It’s particularly exciting to get to share the City Council with Ernie Sheldon, who’s done enormous amounts of good work in the community, and with Kerri. I also look forward to spending time with Roger,” he said. “I think looking down the road, there’s a lot of reasons to be really optimistic about Folsom’s future, and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

Howell said she is looking forward to moving the city forward.

“I’m also excited about working with my new colleagues,” she said.

When asked what advice they have for the newly elected council members, both Miklos and Morin said it’s important to keep good relationships regardless of how they feel about issues.

“I think Steve would agree because this is something that was important to us: regardless of how we feel about issues, whether we’re opposing or together on stuff, camaraderie is important,” Morin said. “We are all doing the best we can for the City of Folsom, so my advice would be to get along even when you don’t necessarily want to.”

Miklos said to remember it’s issue-based, not personal.

“I agree with Andy. The first thing I tell council members when they get their business cards is the first name on the card is ‘Council Member.’ It’s not your name,” Miklos said. “You have to remember you represent everyone. As Andy said, when there’s an issue at the dais, argue position, but don’t go personal. It’s issue-based.”

When asked what he is looking forward to working with his new colleagues, Council Member Roger Gaylord said redefining good relationships and pushing Folsom forward successfully.

“I’m looking to partner with Kerri, Mike and Sarah and really put forth the work that Folsom residents want us to do, and push the city forward in a positive way,” he said.

Council Member Ernie Sheldon said he thinks it will be a smooth transition.

“Politics are politics, so our only urgencies should be about the city,” Sheldon said.