Our View: Help your community by shopping local this season

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The holiday season is official with a few thousand residents and visitors at Friday’s annual Historic Folsom Tree Lighting event as well as Saturday’s celebration in El Dorado Hills Town Center. And Sunday was the first night of Hanukkah with various celebrations throughout the region.

Many retail areas of Folsom are extra inviting this month with decorated trees, storefronts and walkways that sparkle with holiday lights, garlands, ornaments and Christmas bows. Holiday music now flows through the speakers at various retails and outdoor venues, such as the Palladio and shoppers are busy finding those perfect gifts.

Seeing the decorations, it’s easy to remember that Christmas is a mere two-and-a-half weeks away. Just a quick trip to the local retailer, it’s easy to recognize that we live and work in an area that still retains its traditional values celebrating family, friends and neighbors. With our warm and friendly business community, we don’t live in a generic city that resembles thousands of other cities in the United States.

Want to keep more of that small-town atmosphere Folsom and El Dorado Hills brings out this time of year?

The best way you can make a difference is to support your community by shopping at many of the local stores and businesses.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Local merchants have stocked up on merchandise at their stores during a time of year when community support can make or break a balance sheet.

Shopping and buying locally gives our community a better chance to thrive. Purchases flow through the area via paychecks, sales tax, profits and the opportunity for bigger charitable contributions that remain in the community, circulating many times in the city and vicinity.

Plus you can experience a vibrant community by shopping locally during the holiday season. You’ll probably run into some friends and neighbors at each store along the way while finding gifts that will delight everyone on your shopping list.

You don’t have to waste time or gas waiting in bumper-to-bumper traffic you will find westward on Highway 50 or Interstate 80. Additionally, you won’t have to battle for a parking spot once you reach a megamall or superstore. Historic Folsom alone offers more than 300 parking spaces in its parking structure and places like Palladio and Town Center offer an abundance of parking.

Another item to consider when it comes to shopping local is it’s not uncommon for the megamalls and superstores attracting a multitude of regional shoppers to often run out of merchandise. Sure, this can happen at a locally-owned business as well, but chances are the proprietor of that business will work to help you get what you need to their best ability.

It’s time to get serious about your holiday shopping. A week ago, we celebrated Small Business Saturday. Last week, this newspaper published a new special section titled “Locally Owned,” which featured a number of locally owned businesses. It’s all part of supporting the local businesses that help our community strive and be unique at the same time.  

So this year, try to make an effort to not click on a favorite online shopping site or buy from a catalog sent to your mailbox for some of your gift needs. Instead, visit the stores right here in our community, many of which are locally-owned, employ local residents and pay taxes that benefit our own community and services. Think hyper-local for buying gifts that will also help through a ripple effect in the area we call home.

Shopping and buying locally gives Folsom and El Dorado Hills a better chance to thrive, with purchases coming from all aspects of the area via paychecks, profits and the opportunity for bigger charitable contributions that stay right here in the community.

And while shopping, take time out for yourself. Treat yourself to a coffee drink or a pastry at the local cafes. You’ll have extra time to enjoy the season, due to not having to drive far for shopping.  

– The Folsom Telegraph