This time of year tastes so good

By: Tom Rupp
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I love this time of year. It tastes so good.

Are you still eating turkey? My tradition is usually turkey sandwiches for at least three-to-four days. Carol’s new hors d'oeuvre dish this year is oven fried pickles, and oven fried tortellini. They were both a hit. I could tell because none were leftover. This was the first time she had tried them.

Throughout the years, I have seen (mostly) ladies bring dishes to church suppers and then judge their self-worth by how much, if any, of their dish is left at the end of the meal.

As the pastor of the church, my calling was to enjoy (or at least look like I enjoy) all of the dishes. They would come up to me and say, “This is my green bean casserole with mushrooms.” That was all they said and all they needed to say. I knew what they were actually saying.

So I would try it, and then meander over to report to them my glowing assessment of it. This was unnecessary, since their eyes were glued on me the entire time anyway, picking up every little facial nuance for signs of approval or disapproval.

The new dish I tried to bake this year was sweet cream pie. I watched a PBS show titled “A Few Good Pie Places.” At one of the pie places in Indiana they spotlighted this pie. So I found a recipe I could handle and went at it.

It reminded me somewhat of custard pie, and it was good and rich. It’s always fun to try some new recipe.

Some tastes can be regional. I commented that, in my experience back east, salad was never a part of the big meal. But I am not back east, so here came the salad to our Thanksgiving meal. This year someone brought what people back there call “corn pudding.” Of course here we are more cultured so it is “corn casserole.” It still tastes the same.

Now here comes Christmas, 26 days away. Tomorrow night is our annual Folsom tree lighting. I just asked Carol if we were going. We go every year (except for one year when we decided to be duds).

She gave me that pained-attempt-of-a-smile look I gave years ago as I tried to eat some of that green bean/mushroom concoction. I guess that means (a reluctant) “yes.”

Tom Rupp is a resident of Folsom and a weekly columnist in the Folsom Telegraph. You can reach him at