A giving season started early

By: Bill Sullivan, Associate Publisher
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As the season giving officially begins, it is safe to say our community got an early start this year. Just last week, the Twin Lakes Food Bank served some 450 holiday meals to our community in need for Thanksgiving. This is an annual event for our local food bank and to be commended.

This year, the fact that the community came out in force to support the event was even more impressive than previous years. As the Twin Lakes Food Bank was working on this event, a tragedy of catastrophic proportions was striking a community some 80 miles north of us. Known as the Camp Fire in the town of Paradise, this fire destroyed a community by numbers we have never seen before and the death toll is still on the rise today.

The community of Folsom did what they did best and came together to help these fire victims in so many ways. Many collected clothing and needed items to give to the victims in shelters. Others held fundraisers on their own or within their local businesses and continue do so in so many ways. From children collecting donations through grassroots items like lemonade stands to businesses passing on all their proceeds for a single day or even longer, to help individuals they don’t even know.

When it comes to compassion, Folsom has an abundance of it and rarely even looks for recognition of their efforts. Of course there are always a few out there, those ones that decide to do a good deed with the hidden agenda behind it that their campaign will bring them good publicity and recognition in the community and they lose sight of the real mission at task.

With the recent Camp Fire, I saw far less of this than ever before in our community. It seemed that most focused on helping their neighbors far more than what they would get out of it to benefit themselves. More businesses and individuals could be seen just handing over their profits, belongings, food or savings, rather than offering a buy one get one special or some type of special promotion that still boosted their own sales within their fundraising efforts.

All in all, it is obvious how giving our community is in times of need and the selflessness so many Folsom residents possess. While so many of you have been doing these deeds without the need or request for public recognition, I am doing so right now. Thank you, each of you that have worked to make a difference in the lives of others in recent weeks, your generosity and kindness if second to none. 

Bill Sullivan is the associate publisher of Gold Country Media, publishers of the Folsom Telegraph, Auburn Journal, Roseville Press Tribune, Placer Herald, Loomis News, Lincoln News Messenger and numerous regional magazines. He can be reached at