Folsom players love the spread offense

By: Matt Long of the Telegraph
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After quarterback Jake Jeffrey caught a touchdown pass from Davin Simmons to put Folsom up 27-7 over Franklin in the second quarter, Folsom coach Troy Taylor celebrated by saying, “Man, we’re fun to watch.”

The Bulldog offense is fun to watch, averaging 43 points per game. Jake Jeffrey has passed for 3,035 yards and 41 touchdowns and rushed for 617 yards and eight scores.

Running backs Tre Green (650 yards and 13 touchdowns) and Roger Neal (316 yards, two touchdowns) have added to the ground game.

Five receivers have caught at least 10 passes, led by Christian Huber, who has 48 catches for 771 yards and seven touchdowns. Eric Davis, in only six games, has caught 32 passes for 424 yards and eight touchdowns. Jack Sa (23-249-4), Brandon Rupchock (18-257-4) and Drake Stallworth (13-317-4) give Jeffrey plenty of options. Green (25-270-2) and Neal (12-350-5) have caught 37 balls out of the backfield.

The Bulldog offense is effective because it’s impossible for defenses to guard all of Folsom’s weapons. As every team must ask themselves, who do you stop?

The fact that Folsom has so many weapons makes the offense fun to play. Jeffrey has spread the wealth around to a number of players.

“The offense is pretty versatile; we can do a lot of different things with it,” Taylor said. “We’re always attacking and that keeps the defense on its heels. It’s versatile in that we can run and throw and we have fun with both. When we’re on, we’re spreading the ball around to different parts of the field and to different guys.”

Jeffrey, as the quarterback, loves the offense.

“We find pockets of space that the defense gives us and we exploit them,” Jeffrey said. “I have a great group of receivers. We’re starting to come together. It’s looking good.”

The receivers enjoy the offense too.

“I like the fast tempo,” Huber said. “We spread the ball around so you can’t lock down on one guy. I love the intensity we play at.”

“Having J.J. at quarterback and Coach Taylor calling the plays, they know what they’re doing,” Davis said. “They make sure they get the ball to everyone they can.”

Taylor added, “It starts up front with the line and protection, and it all goes through the quarterback. When Jake is making good decisions and is accurate, things are good.”

There are other reasons players like the offense.

“I like the fast tempo because it slows opposing defenses down,” Rupchock said. “There’s more to it than us just catching passes. We block too and we do that as a team. That’s what championship teams do.”

Stallworth said he how dynamic the offense is, saying the offense has a lot of packages.

Neal added, “I like it that it’s a high-powered offense. We’re always getting yardage. It’s very fun to play.”

The next opponent to challenge the top-seeded Bulldogs is fifth-seeded St. Mary’s (10-2), who is coming off a 28-14 win over fourth-seeded Napa.