Folsom Telegraph Home for the Holidays Special Edition

Turkey talk; Tots explain how to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey

By: Local youth
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The Folsom Telegraph partnered with the Little Folks University for this Thanksgiving holiday to bring you our second annual "Turkey Talk" a perspective of preparing a holiday meal from a child’s vision. In an effort to maintain the entertaining authenticity of these written instructions, we have left much of the grammar and spelling as it was submitted.


Put mustard on it and then tortilla chips. That’s all. Then I’ll give the turkey to somebody.


Go to the farm and get a turkey then I cut him up and then I cut him up and then I put pepperoni on him and cook him for 30 min. EAT HIM!!!


I put fren fries on the turkey. I put chicken on it. Cook it for 300. I can put it in my mouth and eat it.


Put it in the oven, takin’ it out and you puttin rainbow sprinkles on top.


You cook it by using a BBQ. You touch it with a hamburger and cut it with a knife and fork. Then you start EATING!


You go to the busy store and get a big turkey. Cook it in the oven with pink sprinkles. I put in a bowl and eat it.


I put the turkey in the baker for 520 min. I eat it with something that I can hold it.


You have to catch it and then put it in the oven. It stays in the oven for 2 min. then you take it out of the oven and you eat it with chocolate brownies.


You get a turkey from the zoo and you cook it for 50 to 40 min. I chop the turkey into slices. I eat em after I slice him.


You take oil and spread it around then put the crispy on it!


I would put meat and chicken in the middle and a egg on the top then bacon, I LOVE bacon! I cook it 5 minutes in a SO hot oven. I would it with a fork.


I put eggs in it and then put milk and then put a little bit of three cups of sugar, put a little bit of oil in it and then I put it in the oven and I heat em up and then put a little but of something that is magic frosting then I take it out of the oven and make it for my family!


I would catch a turkey and sit on it. I will eat it all up.


I put candy inside it and marshmallows and ice cream and cook it for one second and then I will eat it!


I put ketchup on my turkey and eat it with spoons and forks.


I go to a farmer market and get a roastin’ turkey. I put Chinese sauce on it and vegetable then eat it.


First, walk to your car. Next, go to the store and buy a turkey. Then pre heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and put the turkey in the oven for around a hour or so. Finally you take it out of the oven and put it on the table to eat. OR walk to your car, get in the car, drive to any restaurant. Go in the restaurant get a table, order the turkey and eat it. When the check comes say that the nice person in the booth next to you said they would pay for it and then leave the restaurant quickly.


First you go to the shop. And by a fat turkey. And you bring it home. Then we get a nif and cut the skin open. Next you cuke it. Last you aet it.


Step 1 – first take it out of the package, then you put it in the pan and get you ingretints.

Step 2 – ingretinits, basil, potato, pepper, salt, lavender, lemon, cheese, lime, orange slices.

Step 3 – then cut the ingretinits in to small sizes and then stuff the turkey.

Step 4 – turn on oven then set to 375 degrees then pop the turkey in to the oven.

Step 5 – take out the turkey and let it cool for 10 minutes. Then enjoy the turkey.


Frst u find a trckee lin u cut it it lin u cauit it lin u put sot on it lin u cuck it a agen lin u et it.


1st you go to a store and buy a Thanksgiving turkey.

2nd you go back home and invit peopole and bake the turkey that you bot and you name your turkey bob.

3rd you get a nife and you stick the nife in bob.

4th you EAT BOB!!!!!!!


First buy a turkey the turkey get it put it in the uvin.


First, kill a 11 pound turkey. Then, skin the turkey and take out all his/her guts. Then, preheat you oven too exaktly 200 degrees for 20 mins then put in the turkey for 10 mins then take it out and seson it with rosemary, pepper, and salt. Then, put it back in the oven for 30 mins. Last eat it.


Taxksgiving eat with my parents sit at the table we love the feast.


Turkey to haf four dinr and brefi turkey lut food to haf food turkey food to turkey food to food.


First, you have to hunt down a turkey. Then you have to put it in the oven. Then you have to tack it out of the oven. Then you have to put it on a dish!


Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for lunch. Thanksgiving grill.


#1 you go to the turkey shop. You pick the best turkey and buy it. #2 you drive home and on the way stop at snail shop. I read the sine ‘to days speshl.’ I go home and get paeple and eat.


First, you have to get a turkey or you wouldn’t be making anything but seasoning. Just go to the store and get a turkey. It probably ate the remaining guys of a deer so take out it’s own guts. Then, if you are up for it look up a recipe and buy all the stuff to make stuffing. If you are lazy then just buy some. And if you are extra lazy after getting the stuffing then you probably won’t be able to do the next step. If you want to be fancy you can put glaze on it. Just melt butter and put spices in it. Mix it and get a brush to rub it on. Bake it and show it to your family.