3 council incumbents hold lead; ballots still being counted

Howell, Morin, Miklos expected to weather challenges
By: Dennis Noone of The Telegraph
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More than three weeks after the Nov. 4 election for Folsom City Council, there’s still no final vote tally – but the results so far show that the three incumbents seeking re-election succeeded.

Challengers Roger Gaylord, Jennifer Lane, Sandra Lunceford and Chad Vander Veen failed to unseat Mayor Kerri Howell and council members Andy Morin and Steve Miklos. Members Ernie Sheldon and Jeff Starsky weren’t up for re-election this time around.

Alice Jarboe, assistant registrar of voters for Sacramento County, said Thursday afternoon that “virtually” all votes had been counted, with only “the tail end of the provisionals” and “a few cleanup ballots” left to tally.

Council veteran Howell topped the field with 9,124 votes, or 17.72 percent.

Multiple-termer Morin finished second with 8,960 votes, or 17.40 percent.

Miklos, also a council veteran, drew 8,401 votes, or 16.31 percent.

About 800 votes kept repeat candidate Gaylord from finishing in the top three. He finished highest among the challengers, with 7,594 votes, or 14.74 percent of votes cast.

Lane was next with 7,413 votes, or 14.39 percent.

Lunceford drew 5,056 votes, or 9.82 percent.

Chad Vander Veen drew 4,860 votes, or 9.44 percent.

Ninety-six votes were for write-ins -- 0.19 percent.

The challengers’ totals were virtually unchanged since last week’s figures.

Jarboe said the county elections staff is hoping to have final tallies by next week.

Although the ballot allowed voters to choose three from among the field of seven, a significant number of voters chose only one or two. Those ballots, called "undervotes," totaled 12,186. There’s not yet a final number on how many people voted in Folsom.

And 51 Folsom voters didn't follow instructions and voted for more than three candidates. Those are referred to as "overvotes," and they also must be reconciled by the elections staff, Jarboe said.