A 'thank you' -- and a word to the incumbents

By: Roger Gaylord for The Telegraph
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In the wake of last week’s City Council election, The Telegraph asked all seven candidates (three incumbents and four challengers) a few questions about the race, in which all three incumbents were returned to office.

Three of the challengers – Roger Gaylord, Jennifer Lane and Chad Vander Veen — accepted an invitation from The Telegraph to write a guest column about the experience of running for council, their motivations, and their reactions when they learned the outcome.

There hasn’t been an official check mark yet as ballots are still being counted, but I’d like to take this time and say THANK YOU to all of you who voted and supported my campaign!! Remember; this is just the beginning!

I started this process, saying it’s NOT about winning a seat; it IS about warning Folsom residents and raising awareness of the outside influences controlling Folsom’s leadership and shaping OUR development path. This election is in NO WAY a defeat; I’m not upset or let down that the incumbents have been re-elected yet again; this is true motivation, telling me, although we put forward a tremendous effort and produced remarkable results; the process will not change overnight but mark my words it WILL HAPPEN! As Folsom evolves so must our city leaders.

Together, we’ve truly started a movement the likes of which Folsom has never seen before and change has been made. This election, we’ve brought together more Folsom residents on the Gaylord for Folsom Facebook talking about positives and negatives in Folsom than any other city leader in Folsom. Over 7,000 active users! Many folks have now seen how Mayor Kerri Howell acted when called to the carpet and held accountable. Folks now know the Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee “BizPAC” essentially ran the incumbent’s campaigns: raising major outside-Folsom funds ($59,000) and spending only 6 percent with Folsom businesses, signifying a lack of representation in Folsom’s interests. This while saying they represent small business. They know each person in BizPAC is a sitting City of Folsom commissioner appointed by the incumbents. Folks now know about South of 50 and the Measure W water issues. Folks now see how the political machine in Folsom functions and it’s going to be tough for any BizPAC-backed candidate to pass the smell test come next election. 

These results are a key indication that the message, although effective, isn’t loud enough yet so we need to be louder! I’m not going anywhere; I started this endeavor in 2012, WE built it up in 2014 and WE will take this all the way and truly hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire insuring Folsom residents and businesses are put first!

Take a breath and enjoy the soon to be victory, Mayor Howell and Councilmen Steve Miklos and Andy Morin as BizPAC earned it for you; but take note, Folsom residents DEMAND to be respected, we DEMAND accountability, transparency and we DESERVE nothing but the best and we are watching you.

We may have lost this election; but WE are far from over.