New 'Open MRI' at Mercy Hospital of Folsom

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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Say goodbye to claustrophobia in a tube MRI; say hello to comfort.

Dignity Health Mercy Hospital of Folsom has a new MRI machine that anyone will feel comfortable in.

The open MRI is a flat bed with no walls around you, just above. Not only can you lay with comfort, but you can also lie on your side.

“We’re really excited that we have this new technology in our facility,” said Edmundo Castaneda, president of Mercy Hospital of Folsom and Mercy General Hospital. “The open MRI is a new edition to our campus facility and it allows us to care for patients who aren’t about to go through the other tube-type MRI.”

Compared to other MRIs, this new open MRI has higher image quality with a 1.2 Telsa. The machine costs $1.5 million and is a huge investment back into the community, he said.

“It is something we need in our facility to care for our community,” Castaneda said. “It is an opportunity to provide another service that, up until this point, we haven’t been able to provide. The tube-type MRIs can be frightening for children sometimes, and we do have many patients who are claustrophobic.”

The open MRI has been on the hospital’s radar for quite some time now and they felt that it was something necessary for the hospital.

“We are growing our hospital footprint and this goes hand-in-hand with our future plans,” he said. “We have been seeing more patients and sicker patients than we have historically, so we are excited about this new technology at our campus.”

The hospital received the open MRI Oct. 24 and has plans for future growth, Castaneda said. With an expanding and growing community, the hospital plans to follow.

“I always like to highlight the investments we put back into the community,” Castaneda said. “This is just an example of that and there will be more in the future.”