Another View: Why support small businesses?

By: Christina Novello
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People ask me all the time why I own a small business. They know it requires long hours, hard work and well, not a huge salary with benefits. Each time I answer it always comes back to the same thing. It’s a feeling. A feeling you get when you become friends with a customer, a feeling you get when you have helped a single dad and his son buy a gift for his mom. It is a feeling you get when kids from the neighborhood come in with a poster of the play they are in and ask you to put it up in the window. It’s about connections, family, history and community. It’s about celebrating life with those you share your neighborhood with. There is no greater gift then when someone shares a life story with you, you learn something new, or gain a new perspective. Our customers do that for us every time they come in. 

So, when I ask them why they shop small business, here is what people have said: “We love coming in for the unique finds,” “Thank you for remembering my name,” “We always have so much fun when we come and shop,” and “We appreciate how you support the community.”

We hear many more such comments like this from our customers every day about how they enjoy the experience when they shop local. Their experiences are like ours, relationships that bring us together. When we shop small, so much is given directly back into the community. Jobs, resources, tax dollars and more stays in the neighborhoods we live in.  

For two years now, we have had an intern that is the young daughter of a customer. The joy we receive from having this young person learn and grow from an experience with us is beyond measure. We are proud that they would think of us in this way, like family. Because of this, we strive to do everything we can to give back to the community in which we do business! So, if you are looking to make a difference in your community today, visit a local business to shop small. Make a difference and make a friend.

When it comes to small businesses, Folsom’s Historic District offers numerous establishments. The district consists of more than 100 privately-owned small businesses, including a full-service hotel, 32 food and beverage businesses, 28 boutiques and shops, seven unique experience/live entertainment establishments, photography studios, art galleries, salons, four museums and two historic bridges. 

With the holiday season approaching, Historic Folsom has much to offer for the whole family in the way of special events that are featured in this edition of the Folsom Lake Entertainer. We hope you will visit us in the months ahead. 

Christina Novello is the owner of Melange in Historic Folsom and serves on the Folsom Historic District Association Board.