7-year-old scores hole-in-one

By: Matt Long of the Telegraph
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Chris Bulman has golfed for 25 years and has never had a hole-in-one. Chances are Bulman will play golf for another 25 years and never score an ace.

His 7-year-old son, Reid, however, accomplished the feat in only his second tournament.

On Oct. 11 at Empire Ranch Golf Club, Reid, standing less than four feet tall and weighing just shy of 50 pounds, pulled out his driver and teed off on the eighth hole from 100 yards out. Reid, who had never even hit a green with his tee shot, hit the best ball he’s ever hit, as it bounced once and hopped up onto the green. The ball hit the slope in the middle of the green and rolled down toward the hole and in.

“When he first hit it, everyone there was like great shot, especially since he had never hit the green before,” said Reid’s dad, Chris. “Once it got on the green and started curving toward the hole, it disappeared, but sometimes you just can’t see it or it’s behind the flag so we weren’t sure. As we got closer, Reid started sprinting to the hole and we knew. He was jumping around and dancing. He was pretty excited.”

“I didn’t see it go in, and I was wondering where it went,” Reid said of his ball. “When I saw it was in the hole, I gave my dad and the other players a high-five.”

Reid, who also enjoys soccer and bike riding, said he enjoys practicing golf with his dad, especially chipping.

For his feat, Bulman bought his son a pair of golf shoes. Dad was thrilled about his son’s accomplishment.

“I’ve been golfing 25 years and never had a hole-in-one,” Bulman said. “If I had one, I would be excited for a few minutes, but for my son to get one, it’s 1,000 times bigger.”

Reid has been hitting golf balls since he was 2, but other than attending the Will Robins Golf Camp the past two years, he’s never had a personal, private lesson. Since the hole-in-one, Bulman said Reid is even more excited about playing golf.

Reid’s grandfather, Don, was a longtime owner of Syblon Reid General Engineering Contractors and is one of the founders of Folsom Lake Bank.