Folsom resident co-authors self-help book

By: Telegraph Staff
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Folsom resident Naomi Caietti is holding a book signing event for a new self-help book she co-authored, “Finding Your Voice: The Assertive & Empowered Woman” at Colton Bookstore this weekend.

Caietti co-authored the book and during the signing event, she will be giving a brief presentation and Q and A.

Released in July 2017, business expert Caietti asks a vital question in this new career book: “What is the secret other women have discovered to thrive in their current jobs, jumpstart their careers down the right path and awaken their personal hopes and dreams?”

Caietti, a sought-after speaker, consultant and author, reveals these secrets in her chapter “Light Your Torch! Find a Coach, Mentor or Sponsor.” Caietti’s chapter is included in “Finding Your Voice: The Assertive & Empowered Woman,” an anthology of business insight, advice and tips from 26 coaches, consultants, CEOs and international speakers. In it, Caietti addresses how women can build and support their personal career networks by tapping others to help them learn, grow and push beyond challenges.

“I'm truly inspired by women leaders and it's my goal to break through the noise to inspire women around the globe to rise up and lead,” Caietti said.

She said she learned early on that getting ahead in business is not a singular pursuit.  Think of it like sports, she said, where an individual – and in turn the entire team – shines thanks to the whole team’s efforts

“I was an athlete early on, and I always had a coach, but in business sought out mentors and sponsors – this lead me to my success today,” Caietti said. 

Caietti outlines ways women can find and work with others to further their goals. She said one of the most crucial steps is to craft a “personal vision statement.” By doing so it’s easier to pinpoint and define other goals.

“A personal vision statement encapsulates everything you would like to be, do and have in your career,” she said. “It defines what success and excellence looks like to you. It expresses your vision for where you’d like to be in the future and it reflects your values, goals and purpose for your life.”

Caietti recognizes that she is not only an entrepreneur, but a role model, a woman in technology and mom. Her statement is clear and concise: “I'm using all my talents to be a global thought leader, role model for women and young girls in STEM.”

“Finding Your Voice” is a must-read for any business professional – at whatever career level. Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman, president of the Professional Woman Network, it highlights diverse voices with insight on bullying, racism, financial well-being and self-worth,” she said.

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When: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 28

Where: Colton Bookstore; 604 E. Bidwell Street

Admission: free