McClintock outclassed challenger Moore

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I felt like throwing in the white towel during (the Oct. 7) debate between U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock and challenger Art Moore. McClintock’s mastery of the issues was apparent and impressive, while his opponent chose
to launch personal character attacks against McClintock.

When Moore did try to dabble into policy, he was quickly outshined by McClintock. Moore’s preferred weapon — accusing McClintock of being ineffective — was quickly negated when McClintock named a litany of bills he has shepherded through the House, only to see them stalled in the Democratic Senate. These included the California Water Bill, the Rim Fire Emergency Salvage Act, the Full Faith and Credit Act, and more.

McClintock pointed out that only 163 bills had been signed into
law during the 113th Congress — one of those being his bill to return surplus federal land for much-needed housing.

While Moore called McClintock a coward and a liar, McClintock demeanor was poised, even jovial. He gently reprimanded his opponent — like a professor to an unruly student — noting that Moore would be censured in Congress for such insults.

Moore’s desperation was contrasted with McClintock’s knowledge and confidence. We are in good hands with McClintock in Congress.