Folsom Athlete of the Week: Milan Calcagno

By: Matt Long, Sports Editor
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Milan Calcagno is a three-year varsity member of Vista del Lago’s volleyball team.

Calcagno is a middle blocker, whose job is to score points from the middle on offense, and to put up a block on defense.  She missed a few weeks this season with a sprained ankle, but since returning has given the team a boost in the middle of the court.

“Milan has been with me since she was a sophomore,” Vista varsity volleyball coach Dave Faz said. “She’s always excels and brings positive energy. She fought hard to come back from a sprained ankle, and she’s only been 100 percent for a couple of weeks. She plays well on both offense and defense, and is absolutely a good leader.”

Folsom Telegraph: What are your hopes/plans for after graduation?

Milan Calcagno: I hope to get into UC Santa Barbara and eventually become a biomedical engineer.

FT: Do sports run in your family?

MC: Yes, both of my parents played sports when they were younger, and my brother and sister are both active in multiple sports.

FT: How long have you been playing volleyball and how did you get your start in it?

MC: I’ve been playing for five years, and I started when my mom forced me to play USYVL in seventh grade. I didn’t want to play at first, but after trying I really enjoyed it and decided to join the middle school team which led me here.

FT: Have you ever been involved in other sports?

MC: I’ve played many sports growing up such as swim, softball and basketball, but my main sport besides volleyball was soccer, which I stopped playing my freshmen year.

FT: What do you like about volleyball?

MC: I like when you or your team makes a good play and wins the point then everyone cheers together. When the energy is high, it really brings together the team so we all have a good time.

FT: What’s more fun and why, getting a kill or a block?

MC: Probably getting a kill because when you get a good kill it ups the excitement of the team.

FT: What do you think of this year’s team?

MC: I think lately we have started to get all of our plays down and work together smoothly. I am really excited for the rest of the season.

FT: What are your goals for season?

MC: My goals are for our team to make it to playoffs and tie for first in our league.

FT: What is your favorite class in school?

MC: My favorite class in school is math because I like the definite answers.

FT: Favorite music?

MC: My favorite music is any song from the band Brockhampton, who I am actually seeing in concert in November.

FT:  Favorite Food?

MC: My favorite food is ice cream, especially chocolate ice cream.

FT: Do you have any pets? Tell us about them.

MC: I have a black lab named Duke who is super energetic. I also have four chickens and a cat named Thunder Pikachu, who is my favorite pet.

FT: Do you have any hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

MC: In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends.

FT: What inspires you in sports?

MC: My grandparents come and watch every game and they inspire me to play well for them.

FT: Is there a particular job or profession you’d like to have after college?

MC: I would like to become a biomedical engineer because helping people in the medical arena interests me and I enjoy math.