Make Me Divine: holistic beauty

By: Rachel Zirin, Senior Reporter
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Owner Madhu Guladi opened Make Me Divine in April to bring a holistic wellness feel into the salon and spa industry.

Healthy skin doesn’t happen by putting on make up, but from within, Guladi said.

“We feed the skin with all the natural, God-given gifts of nature,” she said. “We use things like turmeric, basil, sage and more.”

People shop at Whole Foods because they want organic items with no chemicals and no pesticides, she said.

“Where do you go for your organic beauty needs? You don’t have a place, right?” Guladi said. “This is the whole point and what I want to give attention. If you look at the ingredients on moisturizers, you probably can’t read them. You are feeding your skin with those chemicals.”

Make Me Divine not only has your typical cosmetic products you will find anywhere, they also have everything organic. From the products for massages and facials to pedicures and the nail paint, everything is organic.

“We do everything on the organic side,” she said. “We provide any services our clients need, but our goal is to give them organic services.”

For facials, Guladi calls them Jamba Juice for your skin. They use items like fruit, milk, yogurt and pretty much anything that you can eat.

Services offered include hair, nails, massage, make up, threading and eyelash extensions.

“If you have to dress up for a party, we are a full service spa,” Guladi said. “If you come in and say you want everything done, that is possible.”

Guladi’s favorite service at her salon is the facial, she said.

“It is an exotic experience that you will not find anywhere else,” Guladi said.

Next month the salon/spa is launching their membership program, she said.

“It is like a gym for your skin,” Guladi said. “It could be something like if you buy one facial, you get a shampoo, blow dry and a nail paint as well.”

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“People come here to relax and chit chat and I want everyone to be away from the stress we deal with in day to day life,” she said.