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Pictures of Folsom’s past

By: Tom Rupp
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When Bill Sullivan, Rachel Zirin and I, as well as any other writers on any given week, submit a column, we typically do no collaborate. Actually, we never collaborate. The freedom to submit what you choose to do so makes for an interesting mix from week to week.

Having said that, if you read Bill Sullivan’s word last week, you will remember that he mentioned something that had already gotten my attention – the 2018 calendar recently inserted in the Telegraph.  

It’s funny that he mentioned it, because when I opened that week’s edition and saw the calendar I was also excited. Are you a calendar person? Some people are, but maybe you or someone you know isn’t.

Calendars are essentially temporary things. In past, before being unofficially diagnosed a as packrat, there was a time when I would save beautiful pictures from calendars. These days they get tossed.

However, what particularly stood out in this year’s Telegraph calendar were the eye-catching pictures that marked each month. It sported 12 various local shots of excellent photography. They were high-quality shots of well-known places and events. Not to mention the coupons, and yes, even the ads. It is a quality product.

From time to time I encounter people who have lived here for decades, or for all of their life. They tell tales of when Folsom ended at where the current Sutter Middle School sits, or at the McDonald’s at Wales Drive and E. Bidwell Street.

They tell of times when what is now a thriving development was a large empty field or a dredge dump. Well, the stories are interesting and captivating.

Not to be ungrateful, but I want pictures! Don’t you love those old photos of a place now overrun with modernity? Recently I came across a interesting video clip from the early 20th century chronicling the “new” Westwood Hills development in San Francisco. It’s a place I have never seen before.

Does anyone have video or stills from Folsom’s past? Wouldn’t this be a cool thing to see, especially as we enter a new phase of expansion and development south of 50? Email me if you do, so we can set up a viewing.

So when Bill mentioned the calendar, I said “Oh yes!” We may not have collaborated, but we both share a love for and excitement about our town, its history as well as its future. How about you?

Tom Rupp is a resident of Folsom and a weekly columnist in the Folsom Telegraph. You can reach him at