So how cold is it?

By: Tom Rupp
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One thing about the weather – it gives people something to talk about. It gives TV news people a chance to breathlessly report what normally occurs anyway as if it is some big surprise. Hey, it’s winter, it gets cold and it snows. No big news there.

Tell that to those who work in TV, radio and newspapers. So far winter here in Northern California has been mild and dry. I’d hate to see what happens if a cold snap comes around here, or if some snowflakes begin to fall. It’ll be big news, for some people.

If it wasn’t for the weather, people would have one less thing to talk about, or complain about.

It’s fun to see snow falling in places where I used to live, and last week it was the trifecta – Carolina, Chesapeake and Baltimore. These days, it is one of the good things about Facebook and YouTube – people posts pictures and videos of the snow, so you can in some measure enjoy it without having to endure its effects.

Another humorous thing is the special names people come up with for weather events. This time it was a “bomb cyclone.” Who comes up with these things? One headline called it a “bad storm with good branding.”

Here are some facts that NPR put out about this latest storm – it was colder in South Dakota than it was at the South Pole. It was colder in Jacksonville, Florida than it was in Juneau, Alaska. And speaking of Florida, it snowed in Tallahassee.

NPR also related that it was colder in Angels Landing, Utah than it was in Hell, Norway – go figure.

And be thankful you do not live in Chicago. As I write these words, they have so far endured 11 days in a row where it got no warmer than 20 degrees. Wow.

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody can do anything about it. Come to think of it, that is true about other things besides the weather.

But this big snow storm has been the biggest excitement for a lot of people so far in this young New Year. People have to talk about something (how about the $500+ million jackpots in Mega Millions and Power Ball this week).

I’ll tell you what – give me $2 for a ticket, and I will tell you the weather. Give me a second while I look outside.

Tom Rupp is a resident of Folsom and a weekly columnist in the Folsom Telegraph and can be reached at